Hope of Hope is the theme of the fifth annual exhibition Rånässalongen, held at Rånäs Castle outside Norrtälje, Sweden. It’s idyllic setting, beautiful castle and vast park makes it the ultimate setting for a combined indoor and outdoor art gallery.

The theme was chosen to highlight conflicts, situations and  within our time, that the artists draws inspiration from.  The emotional turmoil, or sense of hopelessness, that some of these matters create can be, if not avoided, at least somewhat relieved through art. Or as the curator for the exhibition puts it:

”If you want change, you need happiness and hope. Being both angry and despaired, burns your energy. Thus, the theme for this year´s Rånässalongen is Hope of Hope, in line with the formula; Anger + hope= Dogged determination. Our aim is an exhibition, which signals joy, passion, freedom, dreams and belief in human agency, in the beautiful park of the Rånäs Mansion. Art which stands against dispair and nihilism and gives us the strength to act.”

For our part we needed to make this content matter as clear as possible. Drawing inspiration from street art, sixties movie posters, guerilla campaigns, pop art and political imagery we created a theme that stood out from other exhibitions. We wanted something that conveyed a sense of urgency. Something that could not be ignored. A stark signal colour was therefore chosen to be repeated throughout the design. Our message was then to be hammered in, with repeated patterns highlighting the title of the exhibition.

As for typography we opted for a bold, slightly rounded font for the main title and the names of the artists, but chose a contrasting, finer, lighter font to be used throughout the rest of the campaign.


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