Lektion (Swedish for ”lesson”) is a community for teachers. Lektion.se provides a way for teachers to exchange experiences, work and share their lessons with each other.

The website needed an updated design, and the brand identity needed to be reworked and further developed to communicate the concept and to resemble and present the content at the learning portal. The design should not stand in the way of the content of the site. It should be both easily manageable and recognizable to the returning user.

Our aim was simplicity and clarity throughout the project. The solution was to keep the main functionality of the website, but to give it a clearer and more modern feel, making it easier to navigate and to use. The main page was completely re-made while the other pages got a design upgrade.

We kept the green as the main call-to-action colour, but gave it an upgrade into a more light, playful tone. The rest of the main colour scheme is grey, with the addition of brighter colours in the same range as the green tone.

The font Open Sans, that is used for typography thoughout the design, is slightly altered for the logo to make its shape more geometric and logical. The font is used in two styles; bold and regular.



Open Sans Regular/Bold